WISE-RTD logoWISE-RTD is the part of WISE (the EC’s Water Information System for Europe) that is dedicated to the results of research and other projects.

This Web Portal originally only provided information about the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive for different user groups (policy makers, water managers, researchers, consultants and other stakeholders). Its structure however also allowed for providing information concerning other EU Directives. An entrance structure was created for the EU Floods Directive (FRMD). FLOOD-WISE offered practical experiences, case studies and guidance documents relevant for the implementation of the Floods Directive. All good practices and relevant (sub)products of the FLOOD-WISE project are published in the WISE-RTD Web Portal.

The WISE-RTD Web Portal will continue to exist independently of the project FLOOD-WISE and will be available for all interested public authorities and stakeholders in Europe. The consortium that developed this Web Portal in previous and current European projects will explore ways to ensure long-term development, maintenance and content management in the future.

Within the FP7 project STEP-WISE the WISE-RTD Web Portal is further extended towards all EU water related directives. Also an eLearning tool has been added: the first modules of this eLearning tool deals with Floods. Go to http://www.wise-rtd.info/ and press the eLearning button to learn how to solve flood problems using WISE-RTD.

Contact person: Guido Vaes

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