Results of the Somes river basin

Reports of the Somes river basin per phase

1. Flood risk Assessment

2. Flood risk planning

3. Flood risk management planning

Posters of the Somes

For each of the three project phases the partners in the river basins were asked to answer 3 questions to summarize that phase in a poster:

  1. Which methods, measures and approaches are implemented used on both sides of the border?
  2. What are the main differences and similarities in the existing approaches and/or what is the main challenge for a joint cross border approach?
  3. How can a joint cross border approach to flood risk management be achieved in the future? What should be done to make a cross border flood risk management plan?
    For the Somes this resulted in the posters below:

Phase 1: Flood risk assessment

Phase 2: Flood risk mapping

Phase 3: Flood risk management plans


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