The Rur river basin

The whole catchment area of the river Rur has a size of 2 340 kmB. It is a sub-basin of the Meuse river basin. The area of the Waterboard Eifel-Rur with the main river Rur and its tributaries comprises 2 087 kmB and is inhabited by almost 1.1 million people. In the south, the German part of the Rur basin is characterized by a low mountain range (up to 620 meters above sea level) with high precipitation (up to 1 200 mm per year). For flood control reasons, a linked system of large dams with a total volume of more than 300 million mC was installed in the area of the Waterboard Eifel-Rur. Six dams – with functions for flood and low flow protection, water supply for agriculture and industry and power generation – are run by the WVER; three others are run by drinking water suppliers 




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