Recent updates and towards the Fourth Meeting

Latest Infos dd. 17 December 2014

At the interreg site  ( ) you can continue clicking  on the left side: INTERREG EUROPE programme launched  and on the next page on INTERREG EUROPE you can scroll down and find the line: see the next Cooperation programme  ( There is more interesting news to be found there, but unfortunately no information on the 5C programme yet (today: 17th December 2014).  As soon as we know more, we will mention it here.

Launch event in Bologna 2-3 December 2014:  800 participants were present at the launch of the INTERREG EUROPE programma. The opening could be followed on the  live web-stream. It is to be expected that the first call be come in spring 2015.  To better prepare for this please read the  Cooperation Programme. You can also watch the  tutorial videos made by the international INTERREG secretariat.

In March 2015 there will be a “matchmaking and partner search meeting” in Lille or Brussels on thye INTERREG  North West programme. Check for the latest informations : 

FOURTH MEETING of the Taskforce  in 2015

Soon we will let you know when and where the fourth meeting of the Taskforce will be held.

We are preparing already!

Since the meeting in May 2014 in Brussels  we have not been inactive. A select group  of Cluster Leaders met in October in Maastricht to discuss possibilities to combine  the 30 original project proposals  listed here collected so far  (and which you can find in detail by clicking this link to the zip-file) in several Clusters (as listed in this document: Annex 6). The cluster leaders were asked to contact all potentially involved taskforce participants/members to combine their efforts and focus on the preparation of a  possible project proposal and the exchange of ideas to find the right (amount of) partners.