The Game

Cross-border flood risk management

 a serious game

For the FLOOD-WISE project a serious game was co-developed by Play-Time and Hastijns. The game was played and presented during the final conference of FLOOD-WISE.

FLOOD-WISE resulted in various recommendations to decision makers and water managers from different administrative levels. But will these messages – written down in a nice report –  take root in daily practice? Experiencing the issues will help the messages to sink in. That is why the serious game “Cross-border flood risk management” was developed, in which players representing different governmental bodies and positions have to achieve a cross-border approach for flood risk management.
Playing this role-play game gives clues to future action. It goes beyond reading the report. The game is suitable for workshops and takes approximately two hours: so take your time!

 To play the game, download the instructions and cards below:

The River Green
Handout River basin River Green 
Personal Cards Blueland
Personal Cards Yellowland
Format Personal Cards Blueland
Format Personal Cards Yellowland
Format maps/Costs

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