Future action

Future action

The partners from the six river basins of FLOOD-WISE presented the main results of the project. Every presentation was concluded with an overview of future actions for the river basin. These are summarized below. Draft action plans are also available:

Bug  I  Elbe  I  Meuse  I  Rur  I  Somes  I  Sotla

Future actions Bug

  • In the Bug basin the partners agreed on the following issues at stake for the future:
  • The countries of the Bug River Basin (Poland, Belarus and Ukraine) stress the importance of cross-border contacts and cross-border information exchange in times of floods; focus on calamity management and early warning will be important and useful
  • Strengthening cross-border contacts and forming a trilateral Bug River Basin Committee may increase the efficiency of flood risk management in the Bug River Basin
  • Cross-border cooperation should include exchange of data, insight in each others problems and benefits, insight in the right partners who are responsible for the various goals and tasks
  • International projects will be proposed regarding more detailed specifications of the Flood Risk Maps and Flood Risk Management Plan for the entire transboundary river Bug, based on better cartographic information and a common hydrological and hydraulic model
  • International projects will be proposed on the development of a prototype of an Early Warning System for the river Bug, with installation of automatic hydrometeorological stations on river Bug


Future actions Elbe

In the Elbe basin the following actions are foreseen in the near future:

  • Dissemination of the FRMP in English as pilot version for other FRMP
  • The FRMP “Elbe near Muehlberg” will be part of the formal implementation of the EU Floods Directive
  • The FRMP “Elbe near Muehlberg” will be shared with the affected districts and municipalities
  • The cross-border maps “Hřensko – Schmilka” will be shared with the affected municipalities
  • The FLOOD-WISE results will be presented to and discussed with the RBC Elbe and ICPER
  • The involved authorities will continue their cross-border cooperation


Future actions Meuse

In the Meuse basin the FLOOD-WISE partners agreed on the following future actions:

  • Dissemination of FLOOD-WISE results in the working group Hydrology of the International Meuse Commission
  • Improving online sharing of discharge- and water level data
  • Examination of cross-border effects of (planned) measures
  • Further harmonization of flood hazard and flood risk maps and management plans


Future actions Rur

In the Rur basin the partners agreed on the following future actions:

  • Experiences and results of FLOOD-WISE will be disseminated and used in the process of the (national) implementation of the EU Flood Directive
  • The FLOOD-WISE pilot team for the Rur will be institutionalized under the bilateral German – Dutch commission on cross border water systems
  • A feasibility study will be executed concerning a transnational model and flood forecasting system for the Rur river basin
  • Cross-border contacts between the Netherlands, Germany, Wallonia and Flanders will be strengthened further.


Future actions Somes

In the Somes river basin the partners made the following appointments for future action:

  • Continue the cross-border coordination and harmonization of water levels: information about water levels and the water level alert stages is already exchanged and harmonized across the border. This coordination and harmonization will be continued in the future
  • Handover cross-border flood maps to the affected municipalities. Producing a common flood risk map adhering perfectly to the national/states design is impossible. However, the available data in both countries allow creating separate risk maps according to the Hungarian or Romanian methodology for the whole cross-border project area. These hazard maps offer the individual user a fast but comprehensive view of the risk situation in its own as well as in the neighbouring country without the need to familiarize with another design
  • Continuing cross-border cooperation between responsible authorities. During the development of the common FRMP the cooperation between the responsible authorities of Hungary and Romania was intensified significantly. Additionally stakeholders took part in the development of the FRMP. This exchange across national borders will be continued to achieve improvements and further progress on the working level


Future actions Sotla

In the Sotla/Vonarje lake area the following issues will be at stake in the near future:

  • Cross border promotion of the Sotla FRMP
  • Final definition of state border with the arbitration procedure
  • Bilateral national and local agreement on the Sotla area 
  • Determination of the altitude of point of the permanent lake with respect to all aspects and interests for revitalisation, including flood protection
  • Realization of adequate water quality by sewage systems
  • Cleaning of the area (mud, trees, bushes etc.) and consolidation of river banks
  • Consolidation of Prišlin and Vonarje dams to restore the lake
  • Implementation of utility infrastructure (electricity, drinking water etc.)
  • Implementation of touristic infrastructure

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