Presentations of the Final Conference

You can find the presentations listed below in the order of their appearance.

Conference day 1

Kristina RiethPresentation of River Basins and pilots

Bug pilot river basin: Vladimir Kroneev, Central Research Institute for Complex Use of Water Resources (BY)

Meuse river basin and Geul: Fred van den Brink, Province of Limburg (NL)

Elbe pilot river basin: Kristina Rieth, Saxon State Agency for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (DE)

Rur pilot river basin: Frank Heijens, Roer and Overmaas Regional Water Authority (NL)

Somes river basin: Tamás Fülöp, Upper-Tisza-region Environmental and Water Directorate (HU)

Sotla pilot river basin: Kristijan Novak, Municipality of Rogaška Slatina (SI)


Presentation of INTERREG IVC
Interregional Cooperation – State of Play and Perspectives Elisa Milos, INTERREG IVC Joint Technical Secretariat
Elisa Milos - JTS

Presentation of final results
FLOOD-WISE – Its process and results: Harry Tolkamp, Project Manager of FLOOD-WISE 

FLOOD-WISE, what’s it good for? An independent assessment on the added value and Sonja Koeppelthe practicability of  the learning process of FLOOD-WISE

From a technical point of view: Sonja Koeppel, UNECE

From a political point of view: José Maria Cruz, AEBR

Conference day 2

Cross border Implementation of the FD  Moderator Luitzen Bijlsma, Co-Coordinator National Flood Protection Programme and National Water Governance Treaty in the Netherlands

Koen MaegheExperiences on the Dutch-Flanders border on the Common Meuse: Koen Maeghe, nv De Scheepvaart

Cross border cooperation in the BUG between EU and Non-EU countries: Lucjan Goś, Regional Water Management Authority in Warsaw and member of Polish Ukrainian Commission on Border Waters

Experiences in the Somes River Basin: Péter Bakonyi, Chair of the Flood Protection Expert Group of the ICPDR

Working Group F: Status on the implementation of the FD in Europe: Mark Adamson, Chair of EU Working Group F on Floods


Four central presentations from the projects at the project market

WISE-RTD: Guido Vaes

AQUADRA: Harry Tolkamp

AMICE: Martine Lejeune

Dutch-German Platform for Regional Water Management: Tobias Renner


State of play on the Task Force Water Governance in cross-border regions. Alfred Evers, project coordinaton
Alfred Evers

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