European border regions regularly suffer from major floods, causing fatalities, displacement of people, great economic losses and large impact on nature. Floods often create cross border problems between countries, regions and institutions. It is widely recognized that effective flood management requires cooperation within the river basin. FLOOD-WISE lasted for three years (2010–2012).

Now that the FLOOD-WISE has come to an end as a project, the FLOOD-WISE Network remains. Its partners invite you to learn from their experiences during the project and view and download the results and products from this website. All materials are free to download and use.

FLOOD-WISE was a European funded project in which water managers from various European countries exchanged experiences with flood risk management. The objective of the project FLOOD-WISE is to improve cross-border flood risk management based on experiences and lessons learnt in six European river basins: Meuse, Rur, Elbe,Western Bug, Sotla and Szamos.

Reports and good practices are also available in the WISE-RTD web portal (Water Information System for Europe).









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